Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pettite Rapes CoCo........

Well Well Well my fellow bloggers toninght was a very interesting evening. Why u ask, well i will tell u why cause the Yankees and RedSox played. And if you are a fan of either team then u know how stressful tonight has been. Now you are probably wondering wat does the title of my blog mean. Pettite is the starting pitcher for the yankees and a damn good starter at that. Coco is the center fielder for the sorry as sox's. Oh yeah his full name is Coco Crisp hahah! Who looks like he is playing the flute when he is up to the plate, strange i know. Well anyway tonight for some dumb ass reason the manager of the red sox decided to tell everyone that Coco was the greatest center fielder he has ever seen, and one to the announcers decided to agree with him. Well if u know anything about baseball u know that, that statement is a crock of shit. Anyway when i heard that comment it made me really want to watch Misses Crisp very closely. So while I was at the bar getting drunk with my fellow yankee fans, I was keeping tabs on Misses Crisp. So here are his stats tonight against Pettite: Misses Crisp went 0-3 with two strikeouts and a flyout, Wow what great numbers. Oh yeah he also went 0-1 against Rivera the yankees closer, which was also a strike out. Ok so your probably saying wat does that have to do with fielding. Well with a 5-3 lead Robinson Cano of the yankees hits a fly ball to Misses Crisp which he missed played and ran into the wall which gave Cano a triple in the 8th inning. WoW that Misses Crisp is great. So anyway the Yankees won tonight and there was some drunken disgruntled redsox trying to talk shit. But anyone who knows Woods and knows how much I love the Yankees you would know that this kid had no chance against the Prince of Trash Talking. So the point of this blog is to remind all you ignorant boston fans stop trying to make up fictional facts about your triple A players who for some reason are in the majors. And like the great Jim Rome would say "IM OUT"

My Embarrassing "Slippage"

Well most people dont ever like pokin fun at themselves.... but just like the title of my last blog "Should Woods"... I must tell everything, so here it goes. My good friend and I Chance-a-lot, who is also a fellow blogger and a damn good one at that (check his blog site out), decided to go to a well known raeggae club by the name of MONKS!!! ( see the excitment already)... Like normal I was feelin DJ Rebel's mixes on the stage doin the damn thing... haha... while on the stage dancing I happen to run into a couple of my close female friends who are HOT!!!! The dancing continues... I decided to try a new raeggae dance step that I so talentedly invented myself. Dont know the name yet. While trying to pull this new dance move off the left knee popped right outta socket and my ass ate shit....!!!!!!! Well being the true partier that I am, I jumped up, hobbled over and sat on the couch, bravely popped my knee back into socket and continued dancing... on the couch. Now most people would have been embarrassed when they fall, but not Woods. I continued partying until the wee hours of the morning and today my knee and me feel like a prostitute who put in a triple shift the night before.... yeah Im hurtin bad. But I'm already back on my feet, getting dressed and faithfully on my way to watch the Yankees beat Boston. And to all my fellow bloggers who have had an embarrassing moment, dont run from it baby, just embrace it!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I wasn't going to start a blog but then there was this great post on a friends blog that inspired me. I wanted to share it with you since it is so super terriffically mind blowing. Aight so check this shit out!@!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Travis Woods and I have been friends for a long time and I have to admit, I am a fan. Last month our clinical director took a job as CEO at one of our sister facilities. Ever the opportunist, Travis jumped at the chance to move back to Florida and be near his son. I think I might miss him when he is gone. This morning, right as I was leaving for work I got a text from Woods, "if you are not at work yet could u stop by mcdonalds?" Typical...Knowing I could probably guess with astounding accuracy what he wanted I asked anyways, I would have been right. So, to my friend who loves bacon and weed, Jay-Z and weed, me and you guessed it...weed. You're number one!
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